Vegetarian Shoes
Natalie Portman Vegan Line

Envisioning eco-friendly-shoes as fashionable? Absolutely. In line with the green lifestyle, vegan-footware is the rage. They are indeed very stylish more so than they ever were.

Considering there was a time when alot of non-leather shoes were not pleasing to the eye at all, the styles have definately changed for the better.

Not only has the "animal free" fashion clothing line become so popular, it was inevitable that vegan-shoes or "vegetarian shoes" as they can be referred to as well, would follow along with vegan accessories such as handbags and wallets to mention a few.

It can take as many as 1000 years for a "regular" shoe to decompose in a landfill site.

This doesn't help at all in shrinking our carbon-footprint and environmental footprint.

Think about how recycled bottles can make a synthetic suede. And, would you wear it? Sure, why not.

You may not realize it, but you are seeing eco-friendly-shoes to a great extent now on the internet, in stores, in catalogues and they are being worn on the runways by runway fashion models more and more.

In line with her animal free clothing launch, Fashion Designer Stella McCartney launched an eco-friendly shoe line a long time ago, and partnered with Adidas to create a line of running shoes.

The actress Natalie Portman has also launched a line of vegan shoes recently. Take a look.

As a shopper and consumer concerned about carbon footprints, you can buy women's shoes, men's shoes, and kid's shoes geared to a variety of needs.

Purple Vegan Combat Boots
Purple Vegan Army Boots

There are sandals, army boots, regular boots, "formal" dress shoes, general walking shoes, vegan clogs, vegan pumps, flip-flops - you name it, they're out there in many exciting and lovely colorful and creative designs to choose from.

Lace Mary Janes
Lace Mary Janes

So, what types of ecological materials would you expect to be used to make eco-friendly-shoes?

Quite a number of environmentally friendly shoes include:

Bamboo which can be woven into fibers that are very soft, absorbant and antibacterial.

Coconut which can provide natural materials to form decorative and durable pieces for footware.

Eco Latex is soft and supportive.

Jute is known as a strong natural material that breathes well, and is 100% biodegradable.

Cork is naturally renewable, durable, and has a unique pleasing appeal to the eye in terms of a natural design.

Hemp is an antibacterial with amazing durability.

A variety of recycled products such as wood, specific plastics, and canvas based materials are quite useable in the making of shoes.

Kelp and seaweed can be used, but they aren't that common at the moment.

Real vegan-footware won't contain "real" leather, suedes, wools or silks.

As with any product today, it's all about the sustainability of the product as well through it's creation, and design.

From employment practices, the use of organic renewable materials and to the purchase of credits to offset carbon footprints, these issues all play a part in the producing of these eco-friendly-shoes and vegan-footware.

There is also the consideration of by whom and where the products are being made.

The promotion of basic human rights in accordance with a fair wage for work being produced is a concern. The use of child-labor in sweatshops would be prohibited.

The business practices and ethics of the company is so important from the view of the consumer and retailers.

The manufacturing process, which also includes the company social practices, philosophies and environmental concerns are definately all-important.

If you want to make use of the recyclable materials, the renewable materials out there, or you are just mainly concerned with animal rights, take a look at these types of shoes next time you are out shopping for yourself or the family.

Sensible, comfortable and yes, fashion-conscious too footware, vegan-shoes are definately getting a second look and given a stamp of approval.

Nice to know that even what is on our feet is representative of doing some good for the environment.

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