Electric Recharging Point
For EV Owners

An electric-vehicle-charging-station is a must for EV consumers. Find the closest location nearest you using a google-mapped-ev-stations tool from the database being compiled.

You will be in need of an electric-vehicle-charging-station location when on the road in your new electric vehicle.

Most electric vehicles can be charged from home, however faster charging methods with specific connectors for higher currents and specialized equipment are needed just like your local gas station is needed now for a gas fill-up.

And, these EV-recharging stations are especially needed to accommodate people who travel long distances.

Google-mapping will be helping the public extensively with this over time.

Obviously, people commute long distances for different reasons, and travel can't just be limited to daily driving around only in their own town. That's just not realistic.

A homeowner can install a specific level of charging at home, but for public use, another level of charging will be made available by Governments and businesses.

Backed with one million dollars from the Ontario Canada Government, certain cities in Southern Ontario will see EV- recharging stations in place.

Municipally owned electric utilities will use these stations in the form of a pilot project in order to understand how the grid will be affected. The stations will charge 2 vehicles at once.

The city of Toronto will be testing its' Corporate fleet of vehicles very soon, and it's hoped that there will be a larger interest in electric cars as time goes on.

Heard of the "Better Place" Company?

They deliver the services that enables the use and adoption of Electric Vehicles.

They build and operate the infrastructure and systems necessary to optimize energy access and use.

"Better Place" works with ecosystem industry personnel to enable compelling and integrated solutions. They will manage, monitor charging from a control centre, collect data from utilities about generation and pricing.

In addition to the financial backing, electric vehicle education for the public is important as well and available.

It is predicted that by 2020, 1 in 20 cars will be electrically charged to run hopefully in Ontario.

Cars will be plugged in when not in use and charge slowly when prices are high; these options will change when customers become more in numbers.

Hopefully, in terms of the electric vehicles and electric vehicle charging stations, this will attract investment in Ontario in terms of production, research and jobs.

Right now, there are charging stations located in Toronto at the Sheraton Centre Motel, Mercedes Benz Mid-Town, and at the Toronto Hydro Headquarters.

Google-maps will be able to assist you the consumer soon on a large scale to pinpoint exact locations of these recharging points.

How far one can drive is a great concern. There has to be enough range to satisfy the driver who needs to be sure he doesn't suddenly run out of power just when needed most. It's like worrying when the next gas station is coming up and will you make it there on time?

Do you use the Google Maps program?

You will be able to find electric-vehicle-charging-station locations there.

Just search Google-Maps by using the phrase "ev charging station" and also by entering the area you are looking in. Google-mapped-ev-stations will appear for your convenience before you venture too far without any information beforehand.

A database of this information is being put formed with information from many professional source companies and a forum for the general public.

Consumers will find great comfort in knowing their options before they take to the road on an extended trip . Electric vehicle owners will now be able to find the nearest electric- vehicle-charging-station closest to them.

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