The Eternal-Reefs Provides
An Eco-Friendly Living Legacy

Eternal-Reefs enable the enhancement of the marine environment through an eco-friendly burial-at-sea.

Do you yourself have a love of the water and a concern for what is happening in our ecosystems? Did your loved ones feel the same way?

After cremation, there is the opportunity to create a living reef which represents a living legacy made possible by the Company called Eternal-Reefs.

What better way to create life after death by these man-made memorial reefs than to give back to the sea and create a flourishing eco-system where there isn't one?

If you haven't heard of them, the Eternal-Reefs is based out of Georgia in the United States.

It came about from the desire to want to do something to try and correct dying coral reefs. Reef-balls, as these monuments are referred to, can weigh anywhere from a few hundred to thousands of pounds. They vary in size and cost and can house more than one persons' remains.

The special cement that is used is safe and suitable in an eco-friendly way, and is mixed with the cremated ashes of a deceased person. It then goes through a curing process.

The families are given the opportunity to embed their handprints into the monument, or perhaps write a special message or attach a plaque that commemorates their loved one.

This is a wonderful way to feel closer and in a way, always connected and attached.

If families would rather not take part in the casting of the reef-ball directly, staff will deal with this procedure for them.

Once ready, a day is chosen for the family to view the finished eternal reef.

A day or so later, a boat will take family and friends, whomever invited along, to the site where the monument will be lowered into the water.

This is done by a special boat equipped to perform this task, and afterwards, the family will go directly over the spot, where they can leave flowers or pay their respects in whatever way they wish. The family is given a certificate that tells them of the exact location of their loved one.

If you or your loved ones want your ashes scattered on the water, or you have had an ongoing love of the ocean, this could be the answer to how to arrange for the burials of your ashes.

Did you know that as many as 400,000 reef-balls have been set underwater globally?

These living legacies encourage the growth of coral and provide a natural habitat to the marine life who now need it badly.

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