The Art of Furoshiki-Gift-Wrap
Fun and Eco-Friendly Wrapping Styles

Create elegance with furoshiki-gift-wrap techniques using Japanese wrapping cloths to further reduce your carbon footprint. This method utilizes a number of ancient-wrapping-styles and methods that doesn't involve the traditional gift wrapping paper as we know it.

This is an amazingly beautiful way to present any gift on any occasion to that someone special.

Whether it's for Christmas, a birthday, an anniversary, or whatever, it doesn't matter. And, your fabric of course can be whatever you want it to be.

So similar to the concept of origami folding techniques, this ancient japanese method of wrapping and tying with fabric is fabulous.

You can use any number of styles to wrap your gift in an eco-friendly and less wasteful way, because there is no paper going to the landfills. What better way to wrap your "green" gifts?

There are a number of furoshiki-gift-wrap methods and additional techniques you can learn to make the most of a simple piece of Japanese cloth.

  • Basic

  • 4 Tie

  • Shoulder

  • Roll

  • Hand

  • Slender Object

  • 2 Knots

  • 2 Books

  • Bottle Wrap

I especially like the furoshiki-bottle-wrap method. This item is always difficult and messy looking sometimes when wrapping with regular paper. At least it always has been for me; can just never get the top to look clean and neatly finished.

These wrapping methods exist for different items to accommodate the many sizes and shapes of whatever gift needs to be wrapped.

You can even make simple tote bags to carry your everyday items around like books you need to return, your lunch, your papers, or to go and get a few groceries.

Any size of material or type of print can be used.

Furoshiki cloths can measure anywhere from 18 inches to over 50 inches in size. Any size will certainly do.

Cottons are very easy to work with, and it lasts forever.

Silk is indeed beautiful and adds a certain element of class and elegance to wrapping a gorgeous gift that anyone would be very pleased to receive.

Imagine if you and a network of friends and family members got started with this idea and faithfully used it between you?

What I find particularly appealing here, is no tape, no scissors for trimming when wrapping, no rips or tears, and no running out of tape. How many times does this happen?

I love to gift-wrap, but it seems to become an ordeal and a chore especially if there is a pile to do all at once, which is so common at Christmas.

And, I always lose the tape too, as it gets buried under a mountain of paper, bows and tags.

The video certainly gives you an excellent visual of how furoshiki-gift-wrap works. It looks like alot of fun.

Just makes you wish you had a gift to wrap right now, doesn't it?

You can also get an idea of the different folding techniques at The Japanese Ministry of the Environment .

So, recycle and reuse what you have.

Take a second look at pretty pieces of fabric you've been thinking of giving away, trashing, or for lack of another use, throwing to the rag bag.

Start using the furoshiki-gift-wrap technique and get the ball rolling by encouraging others to do it too.

Not everyone will reciprocate, but at least some could after receiving something from you first. They are sure to be curious, and be a little jealous of your talents.

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