Green Certified Hotel Program

Know how a green-hotel-rating indicates eco-efficiency? How does your choice of Hotel rate in the five-leaf-program?

As carbon-footprint reduction becomes more and more of a concern, business big and small are feeling compelled to investigate their own "eco" situations.

The 5 Leaf Program is a way to let patrons know on what level their choice of accommodations is rated in terms of practicing eco-friendly practices.

The green hotel rating system was made possible for the Hotel Association of Canada.

It isn't just for hotels either.

Any type of place that provides lodging for travellers can participate. This includes Bed & Breakfasts, Resorts, Motels and Lodges. This also includes large Conference Centres too.

It's purely voluntary for a hotel to join the program, and take part in the assessment process. It's also free - no cost at anytime.

Interesting to note, more and more consumers are inquiring about the green standards these places try to follow and live by. They want to know that as a business, the business is concerned about the environment.

For this reason, the business should be concerned as well because as the demand for eco-friendliness grows with consumers, they should want to provide what their future customers want. Not to mention the savings they as a business can enjoy while making some significant changes over time.

So, how does it work?

Green Leaf Hotel Rating Symbol The system is a graduated rating system. Points or "leaves" are awarded based upon the progress of the establishment to achieve certain green hotel standards of eco-friendliness.

For example, a hotel displaying the 5 leaf Award is an indicator that this particular business is recognized around the world for eco-efficiency.

Quite an honor to have and good for customers to know.

There are specific goals and levels of "green-ness" to reach for a green-hotel-rating and these goals are divided into certain categories. Each category covers a service of the hotel and addresses how changes and improvements are being made.


Reusing of towels, guests not requiring daily changes
Promotes conservation of water and reduce energy

man taking shower

Installation of Low flow toilets/showers
Less water used during flushes; showers use less hot water
Less energy wasted
Promotes water conservation and energy use

lightbulb,eco-friendly bulb

Compact fluorescent lighting/Solar Lighting
Promotes reduced power with
less energy use than standard lighting

non-toxic cleaners

Use of non-toxic cleaning products
Healthier and safer for hotel staff and hotel patrons Promotes no chemicals into waste water

hotel menu

Offers an organic menu to hotel patrons
No chemicals or pesticides for human consumption
Regular composting of food leftovers
Protects people, water system and landfills

room service tray

Provides use of reusable items like plates, silverware, cups (non-disposables) for room service
Promotes protecting landfills; provides recycling facilities on the premises for staff and customers

recycling items

Hotel recycling system for paper items, any disposables
Promotes proper use of recycling facilities

energy efficient appliances

Energy-efficient entertainment, kitchen and bath appliances
Promoting Energy savings and awareness

Openable windows

Providing openable windows
Promoting fresh air for healthy breathing and cooling down; reduces energy costs


Providing instruction and knowledge to staff
Promoting continuous on-site "green" education
for workers and patrons of the Hotel

Some hotels will take longer to achieve certain levels of status depending upon what changes they are implementing or improving upon. A certain number of "leaves" are awarded at various stages.

If you see the five-leaf-program logo displayed, this will let you know to what to expect.

So, do look for the green-hotel-rating next time you are booking a place to stay. And the 5-Leaf Program isn't the only type of assessment there is. There are others. Just ask.

Whether it's a huge hotel in a busy city or a remote resort that seems out in the middle of nowhere, it doesn't matter. All businesses can apply to participate and be rated.

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