Anti-Bacterial Household Cleaner

Hydrogen-peroxide-disinfectant can be used as an antiseptic-spray on kitchen bacteria. It's for more than just cuts, and makes a great anti-fungal-solution for your skin too.

Long known for the antiseptic properties, it can be made use of in more ways around the home.

For our purposes, we are referring to the 3% peroxide solution in the brown plastic bottle we buy in the grocery or drug-store.

The highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide can give off flammable vapors, resulting in some very dangerous situations, such as ignition, threat of explosion, and even cause some severe pulmonary irritations for people. These risks can result when hydrogen peroxide is pure or even diluted.

Even the weaker strength solutions can bother your eyes, skin and mucous membranes. It's not a good idea to swallow it either.

The 3% or less solutions can bleach a piece of clothing to a pinky color tone. For that reason, be careful it doesn't splash onto other surfaces and use an old rag when using it.

Home Remedies Include Many Uses

If you are skeptical about hydrogen peroxide and its' medicinal properties, you should consult your physician first before using.

Soothing Foot Soak

Spray feet with a half and half solution of water and 3% hydrogen-peroxide-disinfectant to ward off fungus, and let dry. This serves as a wonderful anti-fungal-solution.

hydrogen perioxide for cuts

Infections and cuts can be soaked in the solution for a few minutes a number of times per day to make sure the wound is clean.

smile,white teeth

A capful of 3% hydrogen peroxide swished around in your mouth as an antiseptic can help heal cankers. At the same time, it works to whiten the teeth.

Many people use it as a mouth-wash and frequently gargle a capful of 3% peroxide with water to rid the mouth of bacteria.

A capful of 3% mixture applied several times per day to an aching tooth will help decrease the pain until you can make it to your dental appointment.

A 1/2 and 1/2 nostril spray solution is used by some to kill the bacteria from a cold or sinuses which are plugged.


A capful of 3% solution added to the bathwater can aid in healing boils and other skin infections.

Household Cleaning Purposes
With Hydrogen Peroxide

spray bottle

Fill up a spray bottle with a 50/50 mixture of 3% hydrogen and water to disinfect around the house. It won't harm the septic system like some disinfectants and other bleaches can.

Give your counters and table surfaces a spray. Or, put some on a dish-cloth and wipe to kill germs and produce a fresh smell.

Spray your cutting board to kill salmonella and other bacterias.

Wait a minute or so, and then rinse board well. A great antiseptic-spray against kitchen bacteria.

Clean your mirrors with your spray with no smearing left behind.

To whiten your load of wash add a 1/2 cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide instead of bleach.

For removal of bloodstains, pour directly on the stain. Let sit for a few minutes, rub gently and rinse well with cold water. Repeat this process if necessary.

Using hydrogen-peroxide-disinfectant is a great way to save a few dollars by using it for more than what you thought it was for and in a fairly safe way as well.

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