Reduce Respiratory System Ailments

If you want to kill-dust-mites in your home and get some dust-mite-control over the population, spring-cleaning is an absolute must. Vacuuming and dusting play a huge part all year long.

Dust mites are one of the worst culprits of poor indoor air quality. What are dust mites? Do dust mites bite?

Related to the spider, these pests don't bite so they say, but love humidity and thrive on skin cells that we constantly shed on our own mattresses.

The waste products from the dust mites are what collect and cause terrible dust mite allergies for people.

You don't want to know how many millions of mites could likely be in your blankets and mattresses right this minute. There are dust mites in pillows as well.

Dust mites are one of the most common causes of the onset of some very uncomfortable allergy-symptoms. Frequently experienced ongoing symptoms can consist of runny eyes, dry scratchy throat, dark-shadowed eyes, runny nose, and continuous bouts of sneezing.

You have to kill-dust-mites and get control of these things to help alleviate these reactions.

Dust mites love all kinds of dust catching materials. They love moist places. You have to go to attack-mode to rid your home as much as possible of these conditions to stop wreaking havoc on your respiratory system.

Make Your Home As Allergy-Free As Possible

Think in terms of "easily-washable" as you survey items and specific conditions throughout your home.

Your bedroom would be the best place to get started.

Pick up everything you can up from the floor.

Invest in shelving, zippered bags and plastic totes for easy storage.

I use space-bags. These are the bags that hold so much after having the air removed. Not only are they wonderful space savers, they keep clothing, linens, and anything you put in them protected from dust and moisture.

Get as much as possible into your choice of storage containers and put into your closet.

Getting rid of dust mites means constant vacuuming.

Vacuum every surface. Try using a HEPA-filter system, which removes and immediately stores airborne allergy-causing materials. Upgrade your normal vacuum cleaner if you can to a more effective filter bag system.

Vacuum your box spring and mattress. Use anti-allergen airtight plastic or vinyl cases for your mattresses.

Wash all of your bedding in the hottest water possible, and try to do it weekly. Leave your bed unmade for awhile in the morning to allow moisture to evaporate.

Dry on high dryer heat.

Do a good dusting on every possible surface with a damp cloth using a little water mixed with vinegar. No harsh chemical needed, and you reduce your carbon footprint.

Steam clean your bedroom carpet and dry thoroughly.

Use fabric anti-allergen pillow cases. Get rid of your pillows if they have been around for awhile. Do this periodically.

Wash curtains and dry well.

Steam clean any bedroom furniture.

Tip Certain plant-oil vapors kill dust mites. Try anise, wintergreen oil, pine, spearmint, lemon-grass, or a little eucalyptus oil in your dresser drawers and closets.

To Kill-Dust-Mites, Follow These General Guidelines Which Pertain To Any Room In Your Home

Exchange heavy draperies and carpets for light washable throw- rugs, and light easily washable curtains.

Reduce clutter everywhere. Don't provide dust-mites with places to hide and multiply.

Keep the humidity level around 63% (low) in the home.

Get rid of dust magnets. Resist the urge to display a ton of decorative pieces like cloth wall-hangings, stuffed animals, extra cushions and comforters, dried flower arrangements and things of this nature. The list is endless.

This may seem like your home won't look "pretty", but as my mother always says, "less is more" sometimes.

The good thing is, you are just cutting down the work for yourself in the long run that you will have to do with endless dusting anyway.

Steam clean furniture professionally or do it yourself at least once per year.

Spring cleaning happens once per year. To kill-dust-mites, you really have to do it a few times per year at least to really keep on top of it. Eliminating dust mites is really more of a daily chore to ensure dust-mite-control within the home.

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