The Kyoto-Protocol
Addresses Global Emissions

In 1997, the Kyoto-Protocol was drafted in order to come to an agreement between countries committed to reducing-greenhouse-gas emissions.

Representatives from all parts of the world totalling more than 150 countries met in Kyoto, Japan.

There were targets to be met - the heavily industrialized nations would have to limit their carbon dioxide emissions plus a selection of other gases during a specific time period.

Other countries would decrease their emissions based on earlier outputs over previous years.

Developing countries had no specific restrictions put on them, but were to be helped by the industrialized countries to follow suit on their own.

The kyoto-protocol-agreement also provided for the buying and selling of what was called emission reduction units, should one country emit even less than they were required to.

To come into effect as a ratified deal, 55 countries had to approve this as a treaty.

The U.S. did not want to participate in 2001, saying it would damage their economy, and were upset at the fact that China was exempted.

However, they did want to work together in some way towards the reduction of global warming.

More than 100 countries (mostly industrialized) ratified the agreement in 2004 and Russia ratified the agreement also at this time. Participation was needed by Russia or the U.S. to make the agreement effective as of 2005.

As of 2008, over 180 countries had signed the Protocol but whether the Treaty can be successful or not, is uncertain.

Global warming is happening alarmingly fast, which means emissions targets will be increasingly difficult to meet.

Besides that, there are still countries which contribute highly to the emissions. And, they are not part of this group at all.

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