Cars Causing Air Pollution

Still on the road, the most-polluting-vehicles out there are the result of a combination of age and poor vehicle maintenance. They account for so much of the toxic greenhouse gases released into the environment daily, and should be in at any cash-for-clunkers facility or program to combat motor-vehicle-pollution.

Air quality has improved, as current models become more and more efficient with the progress made in the auto industry. Regulations were put into place for the industry as far back as the 70's to continuously improve to reduce the carbon footprint of their products.

The vehicles of today emit incredibly less gases than the automobiles from back then, though it may not seem like it to a lot of people.

The most-polluting-vehicles from ages ago are still out there in huge numbers and continue to pollute the environment a great deal.

antique car

Think it's time for that trade-in yet?

Fact: A handful of old cars and trucks can emit more gases than hundreds of new vehicles ever will.

The sooner these automobiles are taken off the road, the higher the benefit to the state of the air we breath and the atmosphere.

Cash-for-clunkers legislation was initiated in the United States to combat this very problem.

This tax-credits-program provided up $4,500.00 in credits to those who took advantage, and got rid of their older vehicles which were responsible for the higher gas emissions. This was certainly good news for the purchaser and what a benefit to our environment.

There were guidelines and only a specific amount of money allocated to this project. This meant only so many transactions per participating dealership across the country could take place so people had to act fast on this.

There were stipulations to be met as well. There would have to be a clear title to your vehicle, and you would have had to have proper insurance as well. Checking with the local dealership to find the closest business to work with and check qualifications for the program was a must.

This program was time sensitive, and could be offered again in the future. Always be prepared with the proper paperwork.

Know you have an old clunker? Now is the time to get rid of it any way possible.

Create some "Green" and get some "Green" back for the effort before too much time goes by.

money clip

There is no doubt that cleaner motor vehicles of today are much more efficient than vehicles that are only five years old. Air quality is getting better! The more people who decide to opt for cash credits, outright sale, or trading up will make it even better.

The US pledges billions towards battery technology as well for hybrid vehicles if you are considering a hybrid as a purchase.

Hybrids are actually tax-free in Japan, which is quite an incentive to purchase.

There, other types of fuel efficient vehicles reward the buyer as well with savings. Vehicles older than thirteen years qualify for $2,500.00 in rebates towards buying a green-friendly car.

If they don't have a car to trade, customers still get $1,000.00 for the new vehicle.

Doesn't matter where you live. If you think you are the owner of one of the most-polluting-vehicles out there, why not jump on any opportunity if you can now?

The Ontario Government of Canada is striving to put as many electric cars on the road as possible by specific dates, and promising rebates in the thousands of dollars to do it.

A number of electric vehicles are supposed to be added to the fleet of government vehicles with charging stations made readily available to them.

License plates will identify "green cars" and drivers of those cars will have incentives and privileges because of what they drive.

Many say this is a wonderful idea, but are a bit skeptical as to whether or not it will actually happen as soon as the Government would like it to.

Whatever happens, wherever we are, I believe it's progress of some kind to try to do something about the most-polluting-vehicles that are certainly not helping with ozone-related emissions.

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