What The Ontario-Smart-Meter
Can Do For You To Save Energy

The Ontario-Smart-Meter system will be in place across the province in order to preserve the environment, and lessen the impact on the energy system.

There are two main reasons for these meters.

These meters can teach consumers a lot in the way of learning how to conserve, which in turn will slow the demand for electrical resources down.

And I think it's going to be all about "timing."


This is a lesson in how to get the most benefit from our electrical resources. When consumers use electricity during the identical time periods, this is known as "peak-demand." This results in a number of consequences. It creates stress on the environment.

It creates the need for more infrastructure to generate and distribute transmissions.

Demand means driving up the market costs.

What Does The Smart Meter Do That My Current Meter Doesn't Do?

The old meters simply tell us how much electricity we have used within the period we are billed for as a whole. Someone has to physically look at the meter and manually record this amount.

The smart meter however can decipher how much electricity is consumed every hour of the day. This info is then transferred automatically back to the utility office.

Since the Ontario-Smart-Meter has the capability of establishing when resources are used, pricing will vary according to the different periods of the day. This is referred to as time-of-use-pricing.

The type of pricing is based on different times of day, the week-nights and seasonal pricing as well.

Time of use is based on high, moderate and lowest peak times.

Demand is highest based on lifestyle and need. For example, during the overnight hours, demand for energy would be very low.

Mid-morning to late afternoon will show a high demand for air-conditioning systems to be running, because that is when the weather is hottest, or this will be when people do their laundry and use their dryers and so on.

Pricing will apply accordingly.

How Does This Provide A Benefit To The Customer?

Your bills will be timely.

Detailed information via the internet can be accessed about your use of electricity. This info is protected by security measures to prevent just anyone from viewing it.

Most importantly, you can take steps to improve power usage in your household by making different choices which will affect the cost of your use.

You can take advantage of the low-demand and less costly peak periods and shift household chores to different times.

For example, try to do YOUR laundry when it's cheaper and when everyone else isn't doing theirs.

Keep an eye on electrical use when you know no-one is home all day long.

For example, you may be able to spot improvements you can make in order to not pay something for nothing.

You may become even more enthusiastic about taking an active part in promotions for conserving energy through your Power Company.

After seeing the information that the Ontario-Smart-Meter provides about your bill, you can review the numerous tips found on this site and learn to apply them in a much more efficient manner.

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