Don't Toss It, Recycle-Old-Tires
Used Tires Around The Home

You can limit waste if you recycle-old-tires you may have lying around your property doing nothing. Get creative and do some type of a rubber-tire project with them and give them new life around the home.

Now, the majority of us may not have these. Most people may have one or two at the most, and can't seem to get rid of them.

Depending upon what business you may be in for example, you may have a number of them which poses a dilemma.

Consider offering them to people who may have some projects in mind. (If you don't want them, they are better off with someone who does.)

If you don't happen to have any, and want to get some try the scrap-yard or any automotive shop.

There are a number of good uses that can be made by recycling-rubber.


  • Use them in a playground or your backyard for running through by laying them down flat

  • Build an old-fashioned tire-swing in your yard or at a cottage

  • Use really large rubber tires to hold sand, like a sand-box


  • Stack some, and they act as an instant composter or worm bin. They will be well contained, and the warm rubber will speed up the composting process. You can remove one rubber tire at a time to access your compost from the top.

  • Fill with soil, cover with clear material to use as a miniature greenhouse for starting seedlings.

  • Stack the tires and use to force some plants such as rhubarb in a well contained, dark but warm place.

  • Let your kids paint them bright colors and use for planters for starting their own garden.

  • Create raised beds as a great rubber-tire-project for your vegetable and small herb gardens.

Check out what the "Green Girls" are making with a spare tire. Now that's green.

There are plenty of reasons to recycle-old-tires.

They are used in chunks on docks, to prevent slipping, as well as being attached to the sides of docks to act as bumpers. They can be kept inside of a boat as well to be used as a boat-bumper.

People make retaining walls and tables out of them for backyards. They will also cut them and scallop the edges for decorations on planters.

If you are concerned about gases at all from the tires this only applies to new tires. From weather and wear and tear over the years, this no longer happens with an old tire.

So, if you have some hanging around in your shed or basement, you may want to re-think trying to get rid of them.

Instead, recycle-old-tires into something sturdy, long-lasting, and definately cost-effective.

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