The Retrofit-Rebate-Program
Is a Great Incentive For Upgrades

The Retrofit-Rebate-Program might reimburse for expenses you incurred to improve your home-energy-savings.

If you have had the benefit of a Home-Energy-Audit, and need to make some energy efficiency improvements around the house, the Government of Ontario and Canada may help offset the costs with some reimbursement.

This could total a possible $10,000.00 which means up to $5,000.00 each from the Federal and Provincial level.

This is a great incentive to work towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and living in a much more comfortable and efficiently run home.

In order to improve efficiency and evaluate exactly what you have to do, the Home-Energy-Audit is the all important first step to take.

The Government may also pay a portion of the Audit as well so this certainly helps too as an added bonus.

Contact your Public Utility Office to see if they will do this as part of their customer service to you.

It could even be free or at a reduced price. If not, they should be able to point you to a Professional who can officially perform this service. It would be worth simply asking.

Make sure they are licensed to do this. They will be able to show you exactly where energy in your home is being lost by using special equipment and techniques.

The process involves a walk-through of your house.

The Audit can identify improvements you can make to your cooling and heating system among other energy uses in the house.

A depressurization test will show where there are leaks and drafty spots. Infrared cameras will get at places that are hard to see and reveal hidden problems.

They will look at your insulation to make sure it is the proper type.

You will be provided with an evaluation in the form of a report card on your home and advised of what energy upgrades to make.

The upgrades are normally to be done within a specific time period in order to qualify for rebates.

You would then have someone come back and rate your home in regard to how much things have improved since your upgrades began.

The retrofit-rebate-program is certainly rewarding in itself for making some much needed changes for the better around your home.

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