Solar-Outdoor-Lighting Beautifies
Sun-Lit Landscaping
Provides Security Measures

Solar-outdoor-lighting can greatly enhance the look of your property. Cost efficiency and other multiple uses are just some of the features of solar-powered-lights.

Tired of the wires running across your lawn or up and down your pathways?

Don't see too much of that anymore.

I can remember very well having to pull the wired outdoor lighting sets continuously to be able to mow the lawn properly or use a weed-eater around shrubs and bushes. What a pain, but we've all done it.

And then, try to untangle everything and put it all back together the way it was. Very tedious and time-consuming.

Fortunately, outdoor-solar-lights are available to us for use on our properties.

They have become so popular now and are fairly inexpensive to buy in packages of four or eight or more. They can also be bought just as decorative singles.

The best thing about them is there are no plugins to worry about, masses of green or black wiring to have to look at or try to hide in and around plants and bushes.

No cords to trip over either or move when we've got yardwork to do either.

Easy on the hydro bill as well.

Solar-landscape-lighting comes in so many different shapes, sizes, colors and textures now, that they can blend in quite easily and even unnoticed (if you want them that way) in whatever style of your yard decor.

Just some examples of this, are solar yard lights in the forms of animals, rocks, statues, or solar lantern type lights that are stuck in the ground with stakes attached.

These types of solar powered garden lights provide a subtle glow to different points of interest in your gardens, along a pathway to your house, or just to light up an entrance-way, like a front-door or porch.

Subtle Security

Not only are the effects of solar powered lighting gorgeous in the evening, but this can provide a security measure as well instead of your home or yard being engulfed in total darkness.

This type of security is especially helpful if you want to light up a hidden spot on your property where there are no electrical sources there to use.

Electrical motion lights will of course be sensitive to movement and alert you to possible intruders.

I've had these types of lights that went off everytime a leaf fell, or the cat walked by.

"Good to know they worked well, but a pain in the butt to have to reset every 5 minutes.

A small solar cell absorbs energy from the sun and then that energy is converted and used to charge the battery that will light up and run, once it senses that it is getting dark out.

As mentioned, solar powered lighting is quite cost effective.

There are no bulbs or masses of wiring to worry about, though some may use double or triple A batteries.

But, there are no huge holes in the yard or hard physical labour involved either to place them.

Of course, your solar-outdoor-lighting will have to be in a position to receive and absorb the energy from the sun in order to work properly, so make sure they are placed in a bright sunny place to begin with.

Rainy or cloudy days will mean a little less battery power in the evening, but even then, the solar energy will still be absorbed. Some people don't think that is happening on a cloudy day, but it is.

Solar-outdoor-lighting isn't just limited to being located on the ground behind bushes or flowers

You can buy solar patio lights or solar deck lights as well.

Some types can be mounted easily on walls, of course fully visible and not hidden from view.

If they are in the form of stakes, they can be placed inside flower pots, or positioned on the deck itself if there is space between the boards.

I used to place outdoor lights along my deck that way, and it in no way harmed the wood or made marks.

Photo credit: earl53 from

Decks and patios are great spots for the solar-outdoor-lighting in the shapes mentioned, because they can just sit flat anywhere, and serve as a lovely decoration.

A great looking feature for a backyard party! Not only are the bases decorative, but the tops are as well.

The domes or covers can be colored, made of plastic, made of glass, shaped in squares, or globes.

solar garden light colored

The fact that they have nothing attached to them I think is the best feature.

They can be moved anytime you like. Once placed, you are not limited to that spot for any reason.

They come in varying heights too, which may serve your purposes even better, depending where you want them.

They can be tall, which would work to spread more light over a larger area. They can be short, which is good for walkways and borders. These solar powered garden lights would be very low to the ground.

They can be placed in tiers. Different heights for different effects in small areas possibly to draw attention to a particular object in your garden, and enhance overall visual effect. This would lessen the glare somewhat as well.

While being aware of the textures there are, which includes stainless steel, copper, plastic, wrought iron look, and many more, consider looking into the benefits of solar-outdoor-lighting for your solar powered landscaping needs.

It's powered by the sun, cost effective, easy on the environment, and it's a great way to take creative decorating outdoors.

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