Solar-Pool-Covers As Environmentally Friendly
Pool Heaters

Capture the sun. Solar-pool-covers reduce expenses as a very effective pool-heating-device in many ways.

These environmentally friendly covers are able to absorb the heat energy from the sun and hold it. Being able to do this provides multiple benefits.

Benefits to the pool owner?

Mainly, heat loss is much less, which makes your swimming experience that more much enjoyable and not only lengthens your daytime and evening swimming, but extends the swimming season for you too.

It's much nicer swimming in warm water rather than in cold. Temperatures can rise anywhere from 10 - 15 degrees.

The warmer pool will lower operating costs to have to heat by other swimming pool heating methods.

The solar pool cover protects from the constant evaporation that goes on. You won't need to add water quite so often.

The pool solar blanket will also keep what chemicals you have in the water from dissipating.

You may have heard of solar sun rings, which are another type of swimming pool heating device that work along the same lines.

When I had a small above-ground pool at one time, I found this pool solar blanket very effective for this reason.

One problem I continuously had mainly was with dirt and debris from some overhanging trees. The cover does an excellent job of keeping this plus pollen and bugs out of your pool.

The cleaner your pool, the less need for chemicals and sanitization.

This also means a lot less physical labor needed for manual cleaning and skimming. That can take much of your time when you could be swimming instead.

These pool heating devices as options for keeping your pool at a comfortable temperature work with any type of pool, whether it's inground or above, and in all shapes and sizes.

Solar-pool-covers can be easily cut to fit. Half sizes are easily handled if preferable.

A solar cover reel or solar roller makes it much easier to keep the swimming pool cover in place when you are in or out of your pool, and is fairly easy to operate. This is something I didn't have, but it would have made things much easier to handle.

When shopping for a solar pool cover, add the reel or roller to your list of swimming pool supplies to go with it.

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