Protect Against Ultraviolet Rays

Protect yourself from harmful rays with solar-window-shades and solar curtains. Efficient for everyday living and decorative too.

It's wonderful to enjoy the benefits of solarenergy, but sometimes we need to shield ourselves from too much of it too. It can be just plain uncomfortable, more than anything.

Solar window shades have the ability to protect against ultraviolet rays, but let in much needed light as well.

They can be useful, and are desperately needed in places like patios and office buildings just to name a few.

Perfect For The Public

Different forms of solar-window-shades are very popular in public recreation areas for protection.

You see them alot in pool areas, and are very important to swimmers because of long periods of exposed skin. With protection in place, it's like having great access to sun and shade at the same time.

Solar curtains are seen quite often in car windows, which are especially important to protect babies in their car seats.

Homeowners can particularly enjoy solar shades as retractable shades or awnings that are easily used when needed. Some are operated manually and some by remote. They are used within the home in any window or doors, or outdoors in a Florida room, or outdoor patio close to the home.

This certainly allows for full utilization of your outdoor living space.

They really are a nice extra touch of decor, and can be purchased in different colors, strengths and styles.

Cost does depend on the types of support structure needed for awnings.

Window coverings can be hung behind regular curtains, and solar curtains can keep air conditioning costs down in the summer, and heating costs down in the winter because of their reflective properties.

Been disappointed to find the corners or the backs of your couches or chairs badly faded?

Keeping the sun out with solar window screens, also prevents your furniture fabric from fading from sun effects, and this certainly preserves their value.

A Measure Of Security

Last but not least, did you notice how it looked outside with the shades down on the video?

Solar window shades also provide privacy from people outdoors. We have these at our office, which is at ground/street level, and when our shades are down because of the sun, we actually look closed.

You can see out, but it's difficult for people outside to see in. They may think you can't see outside either, but you can.

This can provide a little bit of a sense of security for you, because you can be shielded from view to a degree, but still have the ability to see rather clearly and comfortably what is going on just outside your door.

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