Natural Antiseptic and Cleansing Oil

Tea-tree-oil, commonly referred to as melaleuca-oil, was used hundreds of years ago by the Australian natives to treat a variety of skin irritations.

They used the leaves directly, and then brewed a pale yellow tea from the leaves of the shrub, of which there are many different varieties.

Tons of tree oil are exported worldwide from Australia every year.

It is available to the public in different forms including gels, creams and suppositories.

Tree oil is never ever to be swallowed. It is intended for external use only.

It can cause an allergic reaction in some people and should never be applied close to the eyes. Try a dab of it on a Q-tip first on your arm. If your skin becomes very red and inflamed, you should avoid this oil altogether.

This oil is known to be a wonderful natural cleaner and all-round natural-antiseptic and fungicide because of the specific ingredients it contains.

Add a few drops to your wash to get rid of any mildewy odors. It works well on grout, and areas that are prone to mold formations.

Combine 2 tblsp. tea-tree-oil and 2 cups of water to be used as a general cleaner or light air freshener. Keep handy in a spray bottle.

Use sparingly to kill fungus on plants with a light misting.

Spot-spray lightly and wipe up with a damp cloth if someone has vomited.

Using your cleaning-bottle, wash down kitchen counters, cabinets and floors.

Mix a few drops of oil with any cleaning solution, and it can act to repel pests.

Spray areas lightly to remove pet odor.

The odor itself can be a bit strong, but it won't last too long. I use an herbal mist for dogs with tea-tree-oil that smells lovely and makes the coat shiny. This one is blended with aloe and works to protect our dogs' skin, moisturize, and help with detangling her hair.

aussie made tea tree oil

The list of ways in which tea-tree-oil is put to use seems to be almost endless.

A good quality tree oil is said to be extremely effective in fighting bacteria found in scrapes, stings and bites, and other minor skin infections. It is very high in antibacterial properties.

Hospitals will use it to spray down areas to control infections.

The ingredients in tea-tree-oil have been found to be effective by fighting different kinds of fungus that cause athlete's foot, dandruff, nail infections, and vaginal yeast infections.

When compared to other treatments, acne-control seems to be on the list as well. The oil causes less irritation to the surrounding skin when applied in the form of a gel.

Tree oil is known to actually aid in the healing process and lessen the possibility of scarring.

Oil that has a high content of cineole can irritate skin, and take away from the effective properties that will do the healing.

Make sure the oil comes just from the tree known as "Melaleuca Alternifolia."

Beauty products like soaps and shampoos often advertise their ingredients consisting of tea tree oil, but the amounts are so small apparently, that they might not carry any positive effects.

Be wary of buying, and consult the makers of the product first if you can. The same idea applies to toothe-paste.
You may have heard recommendations for the treatment of warts and head lice.

More studies are determining if in fact the oil is truly an answer to these problems.

Most importantly, never ever stop using a prescription in favor of the tree oil. Consult your Physician before doing anything differently than what he or she has originally prescribed for your ailment.

Enjoy this wonderful Australian oil as an addition to your household cleaning supplies, and do consult your doctor first if you intend to use it personally.

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