Toothpaste-Uses Around Home
Toothpaste Cleaning Methods

Simple toothpaste-uses for around the home can eliminate harsh chemicals. You can use some gel toothpastes, but mostly plain white-toothpaste is used for cleaning things.

Toothpaste is one of those everyday items that we take for granted like other common household items, and we don't quite realize what it can do.

Not only does it have the ability to clean, it is known as a natural healer in some instances.


Put a little toothpaste on a bug bite or a blister to relieve itch and irritation.

Rub white-toothpaste on a minor burn to soothe, cool and prevent the wound from opening.

Have a blemish? A dab of toothpaste applied for overnight will prevent inflammation, and works to dry it up.



Fingernails discolored? Scrub a little white toothpaste underneath to whiten and clean. Rinse well.

Now I'm told if stuck, a little gel-toothpaste in the palm of your hand and put through hair acts just like a hairspray or hair gel, because both contain the same ingredients.

Makeup stains on clothing? Rub with white-paste, let sit for awhile, and wash normally.

A little toothpaste will rid your hands of odors if you've been cutting or handling fish, garlic or onions.


Carpet Stains - Rub white-toothpaste on stain with an abrasive brush, rinse and let dry.

Clothing Stains - Gently scrub with a soft brush; rinse and let dry.

Running shoes and dark scuff marks can be rubbed with an abrasive cloth or brush and a bit of toothpaste.

Clean your jewellery, but not your pearls. Toothpaste will ruin the finish on those.

For silver, rub toothpaste on, leave overnight, rinse well, and rub with a soft cloth. Do this with diamond jewellery as well. I have done this with a wedding ring, and it sure does make the stone sparkle!

Crayon Marks on Walls - Rub with damp cloth and white-toothpaste.

A fact about piano keys - The oil from our hands forms a grime that we can't really see, but it's there and we can kind of feel it.

Dampen a cloth with a bit of toothpaste, and wipe the keys down. Go over them with a lint-free soft cloth. This will remove that oily substance.


Get the stale odor out of bottles or containers, by mixing up some toothpaste and warm water. Swish it around, let sit for awhile, and then rinse well. The odor should be gone.

Remove scratches from CD's and DVD's by gently rubbing white toothpaste over surface. Let sit for a minute, and gently rinse with warm water. This tip comes from a Dentist.

Fill small nail holes with a bit of white-toothpaste just like putty compound. Let set.

If you rub a bit of toothpaste in goggles with a soft cloth and then rinse well, this will keep them from fogging up. Makes for a great defogger.

The Secret To Toothpaste Cleaning Remedies And Toothpaste-Uses?

No big secret really.

We know toothpaste contains certain ingredients to prevent bad breath, gingivitis and get tartar off of our teeth. There are antibacterials in toothpaste to prevent these things.

Toothpaste also contains baking soda and hydrogen peroxide among other things that are typically known as well for cleaning around the home.

I guess if you are out of the other things, you can always look to a tube of plain white-toothpaste to get some of your jobs done.

So, reduce your carbon footprint. Avoid plastic bottles of numerous cleaners and harsh chemicals. Try some of these other toothpaste-uses instead. One tiny tube can go a long way.

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