Used-Wedding-Dresses Benefits
Brides Against Cancer Program

Reduce, and recycle from used-wedding-dresses available through wedding-dress-donations to reduce wedding day footprints, and cut costs. Donated wedding dresses serves a number of purposes when planning your attire for the big day.

Brides Against Cancer Program

This program out of Portland Oregon and established in 1998, lets the Breast Cancer Foundation grant wishes for those suffering from terminal breast cancer, and they try to grant as many as 100 wishes per year.

You can play a part in this wonderful cause and do something that's not only helping someone else in a special way, but reduces waste and recycles for the sake of the environment as well.

Looking for something in the way of unique-wedding-dresses?

You may get very lucky, and find yourself choosing from Vera Wang wedding dresses, something you may never have thought imaginable when you considered choosing from used-wedding-dresses at all, as opposed to purchasing brand new.

How Does the Brides Against Cancer Program Work?

These unique-wedding-dresses, simply by their nature and the role they will play in someone's life, are donated from a number of sources, and some are famous designers.

That's why you very well could see Vera Wang wedding dresses and other top designer gowns available for sale.

Other donations of bridal gowns come from various manufacturers and retail wedding shops, which make up for 50% of the wedding-dress-donations. The other 50% comes from brides everywhere, who have decided they want to donate their used-wedding-dresses to this most worthy of causes.

So, whether it's casual wedding dresses, summer wedding dresses, Couture, short wedding dresses or modest wedding dresses you want to see and choose from, you are likely to see something that pleases you from these collections.

These dresses have been sold for as much as 75% off the regular price!

That is quite a significant discount for the couture wedding gown of your dreams. Simple wedding dresses or chic wedding dresses, should all be available in some form or another to you as well.

This cause drew alot of media attention courtesy of Oprah Winfrey a number of years ago.

Thousands and thousands of wedding dresses have been donated and resold to the tune of millions of dollars.

So, if this nation-wide tour of unique-wedding-dresses ever comes your way, consider taking a good look. Or, keep this cause in mind if you have a dress already and aren't sure you need to keep it.

Shipping your dress as a donation is tax-deductible. Support this cause to make a final wish come true for someone.

wedding dress

Other Wedding Dress
Options To Consider

Consider an heirloom wedding dress, perhaps passed down from your Grandmother or your Mother. You could have it altered to fit.

Renting a wedding gown for a day is also an option available.

Visit the thrift stores, consignment stores, or vintage shops that deal in vintage wedding dresses.

Be aware that vintage means "aged." Fabric deteriorates. Stains that have set so long, may never come out.

Be sure to look over old repairs, and consider new ones or alterations you may wish to make. Can the fabric withstand it? Is the material strong enough? Will trying to remove a stain make things worse and destroy the dress? Just be cautious.

There's just something so very lovely, delicate, feminine and so elegant associated with vintage wedding dresses.

victorian bridal gown

If this was your taste, wouldn't you love to find an old Victorian Wedding Dress? Beautiful, isn't it?

The message here is simple.

You can choose from used-wedding-dresses that are already out there just waiting to be useful once again, and perhaps make someone else extremely happy in the process.

You will be doing a good job for the environment and probably saving yourself extra costs as well. It's a perfect and logical route to go for the eco-conscious bride.

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