Organically Grown Roses
Flowers For Your Sweetheart

Purchasing valentine-day-roses for a special valentine-day-flower-delivery?

Eco-friendly florists make these rose bouquets extra special for your loved one, but also meet the demands and trends of the flower industry today.

"I'd rather have roses on my table, than diamonds on my neck."

- Emma Goldman, 1869 - 1940

Eco-friendly flower shops and florists recognize the market demand for organic flowers and produce flowers of all kinds which have been grown safely and gently using eco-certified methods.

It's becoming traditional to return to organic-rose-gardening methods which means no exposure to harmful chemicals.

After all, how did rose gardens grow and thrive before pesticides and herbicides that are man-made came along?

It's easier and cheaper to grow organic roses by using natural pest control and fertilizers to provide what roses need for growth.

Compost or biodegradable organic waste products provide the best nutrients for roses and all plants. Insects and predators help keep the real pesky insects from damaging plants, and non-toxic pesticides take good care of the rest if needed.

So does companion planting to attract the beneficial insects to a garden.

Organic-rose-gardening produces fantastic results, and on the larger commercial scale, this means no contamination dangers to farmers, farm employees, animals, greenhouses or to the earth itself.

This produces socially and environmentally responsible fair trade products for consumers, and enables those consumers to purchase responsibly too and feel good about what they are spending on.

Valentine-day-roses are such a huge part of valentines day traditions, and yet even tulips are finding their way in as a popular purchase at this time as well.

Bouquet of Tulips

Tulips are beautiful too!

Roses are not a cheap valentine flower, that's true. But prices are comparable, and to many people, roses will always be the one flower that says it all, and expresses love from the heart the best way possible.

Ask your local florist about eco-friendly flowers, specifically, roses to choose from, or go to any eco-friendly flower section online when considering shopping for roses on valentines day.

Don't forget to inquire about eco-friendly vases made from recycled materials too when you are there to put your roses in.

Regardless of what type eco-friendly flowers you purchase, they are certain to please.

Valentine-day-roses grown organically are sure to be much healthier, and the blooms promise to be spectacular as well. I'm sure you will be very pleased with the selections.

pink roses

Be Sure To Preserve Your
Valentine Rose Bouquet

You've loved receiving your roses, now take steps to make them last as long as possible.

If your roses came wrapped and you are arranging them in a vase, first of all cut the stems on a slant under warm water. Why?

This is done to ensure that the opening that is cut is large enough to drink in the water. Secondly, this also makes sure that no air pocket was formed when cutting. If it was, the rose wouldn't be able to draw in the liquid.

Roses love their drinks of water!

Fill your vase with warm water and the flower food that came with the bouquet. You can put a bit of sugar in the water if you didn't get flower food, and a drop of bleach. This will kill any bacteria. Refrigerate for an hour or two, so the roses can drink and revive themselves.

As you place your rose bouquet in the vase, remove any leaves that will be below the water line. You don't want to remove too many though, as they add to the look of the arrangement.

In regards to thorns, they can be removed, but very sparingly.

If you take them off, this wounds the stem leaving them open to bacteria and premature wilting. Use your thumb and press down to the side so that they pop off. This is the safest way to do it.

Be sure to change the vase water daily, feed them and do another fresh cutting, making sure again to check on leaves that will fall below the water line.

By following these simple steps, your valentine-day-roses will last beyond what you thought they might have.

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