Wedding Protocol For Invitations

How does traditional wedding-invitation-etiquette include creative handmade-wedding-invitations and the use of recycled stationary by green conscious brides?

It's because the customs and rules of wedding etiquette overall are more relaxed.

Not so formal wedding etiquette is expected in certain situations.

It's about how the bride and groom choose to have their big day and how they want to announce it, and especially if it's in an eco-friendly way as well.

This is a reflection of how green living couples are tackling all departments of their wedding planning, and the rules of wedding-invitation-etiquette have taken on a different spin.

Customs, politeness and social behaviours of course are still understood and usually always prevail.

Any invitation requires following certain basic guidelines as to the information provided, but it's the way in which it's presented that doesn't have to be so formal if you don't want it to be.

wedding invitation

When writing a formal wedding invitation, of course all pertinent times, dates and locations are expected to be there, and in a distinct manner.

All proper names must be spelled out in full, and a very traditional black ink script or engraved type print is usually used.

The use of roman numerals instead of the word "second" or "2nd" is proper.

British spellings are used over North American spellings.

The phrase "request the honor of your presence" is typically used if the ceremony is taking place within a Church.

A number of pieces will typically accompany the more formal announcement.

Reception details are displayed separately on a card as well as the RSVP card provided separately, the tissue insert is there, and the return envelope as well.

It becomes quite a thick bulky envelope for mailing and many people misplace some of it after they have received it.

The all-in-one invitation is a growing trend. This is so that people don't lose the RSVP info.

The bottom of the wedding invitation has a section that is perforated and will always be there until it's needed. Inserts can be skipped.

It's a great saving on paper and overall general bulkiness.

There are recycled paper product wedding invitations available that are made out of eco-friendly recycled cotton, use soy-based inks and are chlorine-free.

Did you know that you can send invitations with embedded seeds in them, so that they can be "planted" to produce beautiful wildflowers?

The eco-friendly bride can also opt for ordering do-it-yourself wedding invitations online, which are still unique and lovely looking without sacrificing quality or wedding-invitation-etiquette of any kind.

If you want to make your own printable-wedding-invitations, it can be lots of fun and easy to do.

And, it's your own custom handmade-wedding-invitations you have created, totally unique only to you.

You need a computer, printer, basic home processing software and later you can embellish with ribbon, tassels, bows, fake gems, or whatever you like using your creative ideas with fonts, templates and color if you prefer.

Producing your own printable-wedding-invitations can be a great cost-saver, and kept environmentally friendly as well.

And they won't be lacking in wedding-invitation-etiquette, as long as all pertinent information is there for your guest and it doesn't leave them guessing about missing details.

You can visit Green Invites and Formal Invitations and take a look at what they offer in terms of what is out there for wedding invitations and what might appeal to you to use.

Of course, green wedding-invitation-etiquette allows for some steps further in a growing society where carbon footprint reduction, recycling and no waste are becoming important concepts to live by daily.

Looking for the ultimate in cheaper and inexpensive wedding invitations?

Make phone-calls and send emails to those closest to you.

It definitely saves paper, postage, transportation costs and everything involved in mass mailing the usual way. People have the option of course by responding back to you the same way.

Once they have confirmed attendance, you can further email them a map of where they are going.

Place an ad and announce your details to extend invitations to evening wedding festivities for everyone else to attend if your venue will accommodate them.

These are only options. It's your wedding. The size of your wedding and level of "green-ness" will determine if these are acceptable options for you to consider.

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